Q.  How does your quote system work?
A.  If you have a gas combination boiler and wish to replace it, then the quote section of our website is designed to give you a pretty accurate idea of the cost to replace it.

Q.  Is the quote price the price you pay?
A.  This is strong indicator of the price you pay, but we will need to see the job before we commit.  As you could appreciate, giving a price without seeing the job would be foolish.

Q.  Will you need to visit first before the installation?
A.  Yes.  It’s easy for us as we’re a local company and we want to make sure that you chose the right boiler and that the installers have everything they need for the day.  Plus, if you have any questions, it’s the perfect opportunity to ask.

Q.  Who does your installation work?
A.  We do, AR Heating Services.  A Bristol based local Heating company.  No external contractors here.

Q.  Shall I repair or replace my boiler?
A.  It depends on age, make/model and potential fault of the boiler.  Does it make sense to spend £400 on a 20-year boiler when it’s nearing the end of its service life! No, put it towards a new one with a long warranty and if it should break, the manufacturer will cover the repair with no charge.

Q.  I have Oil, LPG or an Electric boiler and wish to replace it?
A.  The quote section is currently unable to provide an online quote for these types.  Ring for details 01179676268

Q.  Do you install other boiler manufacturers?
A.  We would consider other well Engineered boilers – but prefer if you use the three offered.

Q.  Are your Engineers Gas safe and Qualified?
A.  Yes.  All our Engineers are Gas safe Registered and will happily show you their card on the day.

Q.  Will the installation make a mess?
A.  We all carry sheets to protect your carpets and will be respectful of your home, leaving it as tidy as we can.

Q.  Do you want me to do anything before the installer arrives?
A.  The more space around the boiler the better.  If the boiler is in the airing cupboard, remove all the clutter or valuables and ensure easy access.

Q.  What are Thermostatic Radiator Valves?
A.  Commonly known as TRV’s.  These are the valves on one side of the radiator that control the flow of hot water according to the temperature set and therefore the temperature of the room containing the radiator.  You will notice one valve that looks a lot bigger than the other.  It is part of the building regulations to fit TRV’s because it helps saves money on heating bills and are better for the environment, but they are not mandatory.

Q.  Do you carry out a power flush?
A.  No, we find we don’t need to.  We’ve been doing this for years and carry out a hot chemical flush of the system after fitting the magnetic filter and keep flushing until all the radiators are hot and the water is running clean.  If, for any reason there are stubborn radiators we have a magnacleanse unit and radiator agitator to use as a backup.

Q.  What does the magnetic filter do?
A.  It’s a powerful magnet fitted on the heating return pipework.  Any debris from the radiators rusting inside is caught inside the magnet, preventing it from getting inside your boiler.

Q.  Do you offer service work after the installation?
A.  Yes.  We’ll happily add you to our annual service list.

Q.  I need some radiators replacing as well.  Can you do this?
A.  Yes.  We can have a look and give you a price during the survey


Heating and hot water an essential commodity for each and every home in Bristol and the UK alike, but sometimes things don’t go to plan with our appliances.  Boilers can break down and over time become uneconomical, but that’s where AR Heating Services are here to help. With over 10 years experience in the heating industry, you can rest assured that our engineers will complete all work to very high standards and with a minimum amount of disruption to your property.

When you choose AR Heating Services as your preferred heating company in Bristol, one of our experienced engineers will arrive at your property and completely solve all of your problems in good time. We are Gas safe registered (518308) heating engineers qualified to undertake all aspects of heating and gas work. If you require any of our services or you would just like some expert advice then give us a call on 07891 809 247. We are always happy to help.




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